We offer advice on the strategic deployment of blockchain technology based on a thorough analysis of your project’s whilst drafting along your ideas of development. We will assess the potential of your blockchain technology and discuss possibilities of optimization for the regions we cover.



As with all new concepts, advisory services are an absolute necessity to avoid pitfalls. We design and develop strategic development strategies and plans for the adoption of projects in the African region.
Enterprise Partnerships


We help in providing or outsourcing solutions that would help speed up the deployment or adoption of your project, this could range from Payment processing, CRM, Enterprise Application Integration etc.
Video Marketing


We help in creating marketing content for your product whilst working on the adoption and deployment of your business model or project.


We provide unique access to the results of our cutting-edge research in the fields carried out by our own experts. It is important to us to share our results and findings at conferences and in form of publications.
Training And Education


We offer online and offline trainings and seminars, workshops, talks, as well as instructive materials on blockchain technology and related fields of application, which will provide you with in-depth knowledge of the intricate blockchain ecosystem and all its facets.
Community Management


We act as the bridge between your brand and the community, aiming to create a synergy for a speedy adoption.

We Promise You the BEST

We’re committed to providing the best client service possible. In order to meet this promise, we vow to only hire friendly, passionate, ever-ready positive people that share our core value, passion for helping others and obsession with projects. When you place your trust in us, here’s what you can expect in return:

"We speed up your team's progress on the field creating opportunity for your project"